ETH PR DAO - produce RICO token digital image

Proposal Information

Design or produce an original art image to represent the RICO token. The design should be submitted as high quality JPG or PNG file.

This image will be used to visually represent the RICO token. It should represent the people, culture, nature and beauty of Puerto Rico, the mission of ETH PR DAO and the imagination of the individual artist.

This image will also be uploaded to IPFS and minted as an exclusive ETH PR DAO NFT. Artist and DAO treasury will share revenue and artist will benefit from recurring revenues on every sale/trade.

Artist will be granted 1000 RICO tokens with a funding proposal supported by ETH PR DAO members.

Proposal Rationale
Artwork is a great way to build community and to produce something that visually represents the RICO token will also help define the organization and attract new members.

Minting artwork as NFT will also immediately benefit and engage the community. Over the long term, minting NFTs can help support the ETH PR DAO treasury.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Finding and deciding on the right piece of art to represent the RICO token should be done carefully. We can only choose one! We should take our time to select the highest quality artwork we can find that represents the organization.

Expected deadline to decide on an image is end of March 2022, with plans to upload and mint as NFT.

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I really like this proposal.

A few questions

What are the exact specifications of the logo image? And will that be expanded into an entire brand kit?

What’s the submission and voting process like?

What’s the prize? ETH PR has .1 ETH grant from the Ethereum Foundation in addition to the 1,000RICO

Where do we mint NFTs?

What are the royalty rates?

Just a few questions come to mind. Looking forward to the selection process.