Expand the community 1hive

Hi my friends, I just got acquainted with this community and I have not seen any negative points so far and it can be said that it was an ideal investment for me because I was in a serious recession in recent weeks but with the agve project I was able to make a profit in addition to compensating my losses. I would like to thank the starters of the project.

I live in Iran and in my country many people are interested in investing in digital currencies, but due to their lack of knowledge of English and low awareness of this community, they Do not enter this business if it can be a door to high goals for everyone. Their duration,

My idea is that in different languages โ€‹โ€‹of the world and as easily as possible that an ordinary person who did not know about these things before and gained full knowledge and because of the simplicity of the user interface of honeyswap program can improve this. ุŒ
In cyberspace, we have seen advertisements of different currencies many times, but so far I have not personally seen an article or advertisement about the existence of this community. We can help spread the 1hive and honeyswap community by producing media with useful visual content in different languages โ€‹โ€‹of the world. This will attract more capital and as a result increase the stock gradually and the liquidity of the project will increase significantly.
We can spread ads in media such as twitter, instagram, teglarm, youtube and get help from winer and youtuber to increase traffic.

Thank you for reading my idea, I am waiting for your comments, suggestions and suggestions. Please express your personal opinion.

Thanks to the 1hive community.


Hi @Sina! I recommend you talk with the Terra swarm! They are focused on translation and cultural/multilingual outreach. Also the Buzz Swarm which is our marketing team.

I recommend you speak with @Escanor , @D0SH, and @Monstrosity

There are also Terra and Buzz channels on our discord that you can jump into, and people will get you acquainted and get you started


Thanks for your guidance, hoping for a brighter tomorrow