Extend Fluid Proposals Pilot with 1200 HNY


The Fluid Proposals Pilot has been running almost without problems since, and we started to gather some valuable data:

  • Since October, five of the seven proposals created in the DAO were fluid proposals, representing ~71%.
  • A total of ~30% of all the tokens staked on the CV support Fluid Proposals.
  • The current parameters allow streaming about 690 HNY per month, representing 7.7% of the Common Pool.

Here is the unaggregated data:

Proposal Staked tokens Staked Pct Target Rate Annualized Return
Gardens Swarm 692.21 8.87% 207.05 358.94%
Blossom Labs 622.22 7.98% 194.22 374.57%
Felipe Novaes Rocha 537.02 6.88% 175.34 391.81%
Quests Swarm 285.56 3.66% 76.57 321.77%
Tresasury diversification 229.13 2.94% 34.12 178.69%
Total 2366.14 30.34% 687.30 348.57%


Similarly to the proposal in December that extended the funding proposals pilot with 1200 HNY, this proposal will extend the funding with 1200 more, covering until mid-March.

Here you can find the script used in EVMcrispr:

load aragonos as ar
switch 100
set $token.tokenlist https://tokens.honeyswap.org
set $HNYx 0xc0712524b39323eb2437e69226b261d928629dc8

ar:connect fluidproposals (
  set $superDAOAgent agent

ar:connect 0x8ccbeab14b5ac4a431fffc39f4bec4089020a155 (
  ar:forward disputable-voting.open agent --context "https://forum.1hive.org/t/extend-fluid-proposals-pilot-with-1200-hny/5432" (
    exec @token(HNY) approve(address,uint256) $HNYx 1200e18
    exec $HNYx upgrade(uint256) 1200e18
    exec $HNYx transfer(address,uint256) $superDAOAgent 1200e18

The proposal is live on gardens.

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I am repeating the proposal, as it didn’t got enough quorum: Gardens