Extend snapshot to allow Quadratic Voting


Today I saw this tweet asking for help to extend the snapshot off-chain voting functionalities to allow Quadratic Voting.

I think it is an interesting project for the 1Hive community to help with. I create a new conviction voting proposal with the intention to incentivize the community to contribute to the initiative. I put myself as the beneficiary address, my intention is to disburse the Honey to the members involved. If there is no interest in working on this I’ll return the Honey to the organization’s vault address.

The spec details for the changes can be found here:

Snapshot documentation:

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@gabi This is awesome. Lots of people have asked about quadratic conviction voting (QCV) in the last month or two. It would be cool to see it live in the wild. Most recently the :whale: WhalerDAO community was asking about QCV a few days ago so you might sync with them as well.