Eye Airdrop? Anyone know what it is?

Anyone else get an airdrop of EYE.
Not seeing anything about it when doing any searches on here.

I didn’t get EYE but I got I.
Asking myself the same questions about what it is.

Got it as well but no info anywhere to be found.

This thread is better to be put on Cafe or uncategorized. By the way, since honeyswap could searching to all DEXs now, i try to find this token liquidity and honeyswap couldn’t find this token.

I was really surprised to see those tokens in my wallet today at dawn :herb: although the value is almost zero
@stillnoob @troiano9 eye tokens when trying to swap are all equivalent to less than 1xdai ,greetings

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If you add the $EYE to your metamask, you find it with 0 value.
(Maybe it’s a blockscout bug)

More likely a RPC bug. If you leave the explorer blank in metamask networks settings, it still can detect the balance of a token.

Better to sell now in my perspective before the price is going down. No introduction to this token in anywhere.

I leave it there!

I will do nothing with 0.67 xdai!

lol bye. i just exchanged it and it went really down. Will distribute the results of this swap to 1hive discord.

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I don’t sell
I want to be an $EYE Whale lol