Farming bright token

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After claiming your bright guys you can farm, thereby earning more bright even while you sleep.

Ways to Earn More Bright
You can “farm” more BRIGHT in $BRIGHT Fairdrop by

  • staking $SUBS (main-net)
  • staking Uniswap LP tokens (main-net)
  • staking HoneySwap LP tokens (xDAIchain)

but you can “stake” your $BRIGHT in the BrightID gardens dao(xDAIchain) as well, which involves wrapping your bright here

The rewards for wrapping $Bright are distributed over a period of 2 months (50 000 per month) starting with the official launch on sept 16th. The DAO can decide to extend the incentive in the future.
to calculate an estimate of your rewards you can use this formula: ( <amount of your $gBright> / <total amount of $gBright>) x 50 000 / 30 x

When does farming end
From my understanding this depends on the farm. Which one?
E.g., if you read here: $BRIGHT Distribution - BrightID
You’ll see that BRIGHT/ETH and BRIGHT/HNY seems to have a 2 month period

So guys hop in now and start farming…
Thanks :handshake:

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Thanks for the update! :honeybee:
The wrapping/staking idea is brilliant :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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