Farming Honey+Stake, LP Question

I’m new to this and started farming $HNY+Stake, what I wanted to know is if the LP Token value goes down does my overall value go down?

Hi, @Phil what I know is that you place in example in Pool (1 hny coin/ and for example 100 stake coin) and you providing liqudity. If price goes down for some coin and value of your invesment in liqudity goes down as well, if I understand you question what you asking here on forum.
As well if you dont know for example you have in Liqudity pool only your invesment now is status: 1hny and 100 stake.Someone just wanna sell there honey for stake then person who’s selling he takes your honey coin but you receiving his stake coin.
I hope I at least explained something to you if you still don’t understand something just replay again.

yes that’s correct Phil if LP value goes down it means the overall value of the pair got down… Welcome to 1hive and Honeyswap , hope you will enjoy your time and profit here !

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