Faucet free cash

When I register for faucet airdrop it costs me 0.0014 to register

I then claim 0.0016, but it costs a further 0.0014

Can someone tell me if I am missing anything?

Why would I pay 0.0028 to receive less?

You’re claiming 0.0016 HNY, but you’re paying 0.0014 xDai for transaction fees.

xDai isn’t the same as HNY.
0.0016 * 210$ (current price of hny) = 0.34 $ usd
0.0014 * 1 = 0.0014$ for transaction fees.


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Its not just that, every time I claim the claim fails. I am losing money not gaining

I cannot add images here but still. Ive spent 0.0014 x7 times
I still dont see the point in claiming 34cents when the claim fails

You need 0.50 xDai to be able to claim the faucet.