Feedback on Agave Platform

Hey Bees :honeybee:
Good morning and happy September!

For whoever tuned on the Agave Discord, yesterday we had an AMA and man…quite some news were shared!

  • Our NFT app is in Rinkeby
  • We’re implementing our Gardens today!
  • The Agave platform is launching…today!!!

The devs are aware that there may be some little bugs here and there, and these will be fixed along the way. To not confuse and lose the conversation in several channels, please use this forum thread to send comments, feedback and stuff you noted that could/should be improved.
If you want to check it out, this is our Agave’s Guthub → GitHub - Agave-DAO/agave-frontend

One more thing: To smoothen this a little, before commenting something already posted by a few users, please read the general thread. Thank you!

Enjoy the launch, and stay safe!



in the deposit section
the link to the Crossbridge doesnt work

that’s looks great happy to see launch of first lending platform on xDai… But if u want to bring some liquidity from Matic or BSC u need to provide APY and AVG rewards is other hand this app will be like a ghost ( and i don’t mean AAVE).

copy/paste from a telegram feedback:

“Hi, there is a bug in the frontend when depositing that sometimes shows a new health ratio off by one. For example 0.23 when it should be 1.23”

When I deposited xDai and immediately tried to borrow wxdai it showed my collateral but would not let me input amount to borrow as it said my health is 0.0.
I had to refresh the site , go to markets and then go to borrow to see my correct health and then I was able to input my borrow amount.

Also side note. I know its still early and we need liquidity and borrowers to get a decent return but is there a current incentives proposal? I put some “spare” assets in for testing purposes but would like to see proposed ideas now that there is a launch

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This one is an issue that I myself encountered.

So, on the main deposit page under balances, what I see next to my xDai balance is actually the wxDai in my wallet that I wrapped a few days ago. It shows the wxDai balance correctly as follows.

However, after clicking xDai on that main deposit screen, I see the amount of xDai and not wxDai balance, which I assume is how it should have shown on the first screen as well.

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Hello, very good evening, could I help in making some guides for the use of the agave platform in Spain, with whom I can speak to carry out this work

For the deposit section
Agave - Liquidity Protocol 1
the link to the Crossbridge doesnt work for me… how’d I go about that

bro which link, I don’t see it

Agave - Liquidity Protocol
Agave - Liquidity Protocol here @Cheo0202

ah me if you open the link.