Fluid proposal for ZER8 (active contributor)

Fluid proposal for ZER8

I’ve been a full time web3 contributor since September 2020 and 1Hive was the first community I joined and contributed to :honeybee:. I later worked with the TEC for a brief period of time as a temp marketing intern and my love of public goods brought me to the OG in the space, namely Gitcoin. I worked as a contributor from August 2021 until January 2022 when I became the Grant eligibility team lead. Stayed in that position until the end of 2022.

During all this time I still continued to contribute to 1Hive(because I beelieve), mainly to the Buzz team via marketing, twitter marketing, parnerships, writing, graphic design at times. One partnership that was memorable and got a lot of praise was Gitcoin x 1Hive Memepalooza which brought significant visibility to 1Hive(people also had fun :smiley: ).I’ve also done a lot of pro-bono parnerships, brought Gitcoin, TEC, UMA to the 1Hive show hosted by Twells.

I’ve also managed to co-build the NFBees with @billyjitsu @Gigadig @Rohekbenitez @AnnAnna @solarmkd and many others who build with us and also supported us. All of my work in 1Hive has actually been focused on adding value where I can, that’s why we created the NFBeez to further promote 1Hive and our allies to the NFT community and world.

As much as I love 1Hive I beelive it’s fair towards me to get some compensation for the work done in the past year. This proposal is requesting funds only for the Twitter management/marketing I’ve done for over a year(July 2022-July 2023).

Twitter management and work done between 2022-2023:

Since the summer of 2022 I was the only person who managed and maintained the 1Hive twitter account alive (which is kinda the single forward facing element of 1Hive at the moment). We all know the importance of crypto twitter, building and maintaining and audience there, talking and engaging with people there, helping some get onboarded into 1hive, etc. The algo needs to be fed to continue to remain relevant.

Since July 2022 I’ve:
-contributed around 5-10h/week via constant posts, threads and I’ve helped promote other value aligned communities and allies of the Hive(TEC, Giveth, Shapeshift, The Commons Stack, etc) from time to time.
-strived to maintain a relationship with our twitter following by constantly engaging with the people that comment, rt and engage with us on social media(this is work that is basically invisible, but that engagement and brand wise can make a difference.

Some campaigns I’ve supported and managed:

  • Commons Stack’s Unconference
  • Gnosis Pay giveaway

Some Twitter(now X) stats from July 2022- July 2023:

July 2022-September 2022

October 2022- December 2022

December 2022- March 2023

March 2023- June 2023

June 2023- July 2023

The last 28days look like this:

Proposal Link: [Gardens ]( to be created after feedback for this proposal is received)


I totally agree that a retroactive is received for your work done to what I propose. Also continue this rest of the year following it as great and making myself available to accompany good tweets for a correct engagement!

With amazing graphics, today I think that good content without a good graphic or image goes unnoticed among so much information currently flowing in the Web3 or DAO ecosystem!

Additionally I propose we implement with the help of @solarmkd @DogeKing @D0SH @mrtdlgc or any other member of Buzz Marketing a robust campaign through Lens and other platforms that are fashionable and could generate a little more approach to new users or builders!

This project was a great achievement and shows that teamwork is possible and even more so if we are moved by the DAO spirit!

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July 2023 EOM Summary

July hours for 1Hive: 30-40


Activity: Twitter + Miro sessions organization and hosting + 1Hive growth

  1. Introed 1Hive into the PGN alliance discussion and invited our fellow beez @D0SH @paul @lkngtn @kamikazebr @mrtdlgc to join
  2. Followed up on numerous social media campaigns and helped them cross promote
  • Commons Stack unconference
  • The Gnosis Pay campaign (shout out to @mrtdlgc for the intro)
  • Wrote the tweets and organized the logistics of giveaway campaign
  • Awarded the prizes to the winners
  1. Wrote and posted around 10 original tweets and RT important updates from our allies, such as the TEC, Giveth, Gardens, Agave, etc
  2. I constantly respond and talk to people that tag us/comment on our Twitter posts or that DM us
  3. Started a discussion with Kevin Owoki the co-founder of Gitcoin around hosting a QF round for 1Hive in the near future. He was nice enough to create a draft for us. You can check it our here: Gitcoin Grants Proposal: One-Pager - Google Docs