Fluid Proposal - Kev active contributor

Fluid Proposal - Kev active contributor

Proposal Information

This proposal is for the upcoming development work for gardens DAO. I will be working with multiple contributors to develop Gardens V2. We are currently still planning out the roadmap for the creation of this V2.

Proposal Rationale

I’ve been a contributor at 1hive since late 2021. I started by joining the Quests development team and developed new features to the Quests smart contracts. We have also completely reworked the UI and have been developing/maintaining ever since.

The funds from the fluid proposal will complement the payment rate for Gardens project and other projects with basic income.

Funds will also be used for maintenance/development on different 1hive projects such as Quests bounty platform, or Honeyswap DEX.

Additional Information

Discord: kafann
Kev Wallet: 0xe1cD9c5ff87C3A65bAc8847e3ce979e2f23eE7f2

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