Fluid Proposal - Luciano Scaminaci Active Contributor

Fluid Proposal - Luciano Scaminaci Active Contributor

Hello! :wave: I’m Luciano from Argentina and I started contributing to the Hive since the birth of GardensV2 in late 2023.

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

The funds from the fluid proposal will complement the payment rates for the GardensV2 project and other projects, along with the basic income.

Experience and Background:

I am a front-end developer with a focus on usability and UX. My journey has been marked by numerous web2 projects, where I’ve contributed my expertise in various aspects, from user experience design to front-end development.
I’ve been immersed in the blockchain and web3 development scene for over 1 year now, winning a couple of competitions including the Allo on Arbitrum hackathon with GardensV2 :tada::partying_face::tada:.

Proposal Rationale

As an active contributor to the 1Hive projects and fully committed to making GardensV2 thrive, this proposal will considerably help my work for the Hive. Please feel free to check my Github and GardensV2 Discord for the contributions I made.

Additional Information

Discord: LuchoSca
Github: Lucianosc
Lucho’s Wallet: 0xbbbF9761eD965d8Df66f416b01BBCb224AEafD4F

Community Engagement:

I’m committed to keeping the community updated on my contributions and the progress of my work. I plan to share EOM summaries of my work, detailing the advancements and ongoing projects.


March 2024 EOM Summary

Updates will be small on march since i was on vacation, but i was able to work the last week of the month.

We met with @Mati0x to catch up about the current state of GardensV2.
We had a couple of meetings with Salvador and @Mati0x about the UX/UI design of GardensV2.
I worked mostly on the Pool creation form, as well as fixing bugs in the front-end.

This april i plan to start the engines at full throttle and help on delivering the Alpha version for testing, after this we will layout the new figma designs for the platform.


April 2024 EOM Summary

Gardens v2

Hours: 76 hours registered.