Fluid Proposal - Quests Swarm

The Quests Swarm is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Quests platform. Quests is a decentralized platform allowing users to complete tasks for a certain a rewarded bounty. A single quest is basically a fundable task where some people can complete it and earn a reward (e.g. $HNY). It is backed by Celeste for any potential disputes between the stakeholders of these quests.


How funds will be distributed

We will distribute funds on an hourly basis rate (like before).

  • Kevin: $45/hour
  • Dreamniv: $45/hour
  • Gossman: $50/hour
  • Felix: $40/hour

Where the funds should go

Quests Swarm Gnosis Safe: 0xfc948259da24e372460Faf422d14aD9c79cc0f37


Dec 2022 EOM Report

Which advances did we announce last month?

The feature request poll was :

The two most wanted features were:

  • 57% Comments (discourse integration like Gardens)
    Each quest would have a post in the 1hive forum and the post thread will be displayed under a quest so it allows more communication between stakeholders of the quest
  • 42% Play quest
    Action to take before working on a quest to tell others that there is someone that already started the quest task. Opens a way to have a maximum number of player parameters on a quest

We then worked on it since that time and we are now proud to announce that both features have already reached the preview stage (Quests preview)

  • The Comments feature has been down scoped due to @willjgriff suggestions and it’s now a simple optional link input for any discussion platform (it could be a 1hive forum post or discord server, …)
  • The Play feature now enforce Players to register to a Quest in order to claim the bounty. The creator can now specify a maximum of players for the Quest or left it unlimited. The UI also displays the Player’s count in the quest’s details view.

Enhancements & bug fixes :

  • Enhancement: Transaction progress indicator: the transaction modals can now be closed and a bubble will be displayed in the screen corner to indicate the progression of the transaction. This bubble can be clicked to reopen the modal.
  • Bug: Schedule claim doesn’t load the evidence after tx is completed #364
  • Bug: Create Quest does not update the balance availability once changing token #374
  • Bug : Mobile view for claim, timer is not wrapped #379
  • Bug : Current filter doesn’t apply to newly created quest #343


  • We also implement end-to-end testing with an on-chain integration
  • We migrated the whole app from Rinkeby to Goerli testnet since Rinkeby has been deprecated

What are we currently working on now?

  • Wrapping up the current features
  • Continue some side enhancement and bug fixes (markdown toolbar, enhance filtering)
  • Be ready for the next feature request poll …