Fluid Proposal - Rodrigo active contributor

Honey Stream - Rodrigo :honeybee:

Hi I am Rodrigo, you guys might already know me but for those that don’t i have been an active contributor to 1Hive since it’s inception and a seed member of the DAO.
Last year i have been a bit absent because i was dad for second time and life was like a mess :P, so i am presenting this proposal to kind of set my commitment to actively contributing to the hive again and set the expectations of what i plan to work on this year.


  • Over 4 years of experience working with DAOs.
  • Deep understanding of the 1Hive protocol in almost all the pieces that comprise it.

Key Contributions to 1Hive:

  • Dandelion Template: Contributed to our first formal governance structure, adapting a Moloch-style DAO.
  • Honey faucet: Contributed to our first distribution mechanism to make hny available for every human.
  • Gardens Development: Worked on every aspect of the gardens v1 (frontend, subgraph, smart contracts)
  • Celeste: Worked with fabri on the celeste frontend.

Current and Future Participation:

  • Last week started to work together with gardens v2 team, starting as an advisor, testing and giving feedback but ended up joining the team and coding along with them.

  • Planning to help in any other aspect of the 1hive DAO, from giving support to gardens v1 alongside with @kamikazebr to help keeping the protoco secure like with today’s incident with the Honeyswap fees.


I am committed to the growth of 1Hive, and this new phase that with gardens v2 got me really exited again. Looking forward to see what we can build together on this new journey so i am here asking for the community consideration to support this proposal to fund my work.

Once a month will be posting a summary of the work done in EOM (End of Month) Report format.


Mid March - April 2024 EOM Summary

My 1Hive contributions for the period were mostly Gardens v2 development.

So during those 45 day i worked in 4 gardens v2 sprints: 70, 71, 72 and half of 73( April 24 - May 7) giving the sum of about 135 hours.

My main task during this period were:

  • Testing all parts of the protocol to understand how it worked and giving feedback and bugs report to the ui/contract teams
  • After this kind of “onboarding” started to take care of the subgraph development alonside with some minor smart contract bug fixing, missing events, etc.
  • Related to the subgraph, several bugs were fixed with new entities created to support new functionalities like the Stake entity, MemberCommunity, MemberStrategy.
  • Thought and suggested a smart contract parameters simplification removing 3 parameters that were being used just for the user to be able to see the numbers in a more user friendly way on the ui, reaching an agreement of just have one parameter for that puropose.
  • We held several calls related to the previous point since was a significant change.
  • Helped the UI guys to implement some logic related to the voting weight of the users.

1Hive General tasks

  • After the honeyswap fees hack, i was actively trying to think and get everyone involved to what to do with the fees.
  • They were sent to the council safe and then started to reach people to start doing the swaps.
  • Finally we got the agreement of using our sdai reserves to avoid the over work of doing the swaps from the safe.
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