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Honey is money and should ideally be distributed according to a personal cred function which should be dependent on a personal productivity function. The weighting in regards to forum posts and contributions on the forum is also included in this whole system, and as such these contributions should be properly rewarded. Recently we have seen large HNY allocations specifically due to forum activity and categories like cafe where airdrop posts/news posts that are effectively copy-pastes get rewarded in the area of ~0.5 HNY whereas other work is neglected, and in general considering all the ways cred can be allocated, HNY through it, has to be upgraded.


The idea is to reorganize the forums, category weights and also pick out mods that will regulate the contents in the forums. The latter has already happened recently since up until then, there was effectively one person moderating the whole forum, so recently several fauna members have been added as mods, that will keep the forum clear of things like those one-sentence topics we have been seeing that really don’t contribute to discussion.

As mentioned previously, some categories like cafe have been receiving, in my opinion, too much cred and need to be toned down. Furthermore, I find that we lack certain categories.

My idea for how categories could be organized:

  • Proposals, ideas as currently. Community stays the same too. Cafe should be explicitly restricted to off-topic talk with low weight, and a promotions category with minimal weight - none should be added, where airdrops and the like can be posted. I see nothing specially credworthy happening in cafe and if it does happen there is always nominations.
  • One could possibly slowly start introducing swarm-related categories since something like Morphosis could very well use its own category as to have all course stuff in one place, so we don’t have to search through the forums.
  • Possibly show only Ideas, Proposals and Honey posts on the latest bar on the homepage since I believe they take higher priority over the other ones. (Community is important but it is slightly static?

These are only my ideas, please post your own below.


I believe that also a sourcecred recalibration is necessary in general. There are a few possibilities for this. In essence, it comes down to lowering intense cred peak distributions and driving them closer to sensible values. One idea that @hernandoagf had:

Something like: 

C: this week total cred,
Avg: last month average cred.
R: result

R = (C - Avg)/Avg

So: - if R ~1 -> Increase cap. - If R ~ ±0.5 -> Stays the same. - If R ~ -1 -> Decrease cap. And for the user count:

C: this week total cred earners.
Avg: last 3 month avg cred earners.

R = C - Avg

So: If R ~50 -> Increase cap. If R ~ ±50 -> Stays the same. If R ~ -50 -> Decrease cap.

So if an new idea happens to appear to you, please share it. Obviously, these are more mathematical in nature but if you can think of some system please go on.


@FriedRengi thanks for taking the initiative and getting the ball rolling for the reorg of the forum. I completely agree with you in terms of your assessment of the current state of things and your proposal of the reorg. In my opinion:

  1. It is a great idea to have topics in relation to airdrops or related content to have low or no cred. It can be a useful info but you are right in saying that it may not provide enough incentive to the 1Hive ecosystem.
  2. I would like to see a more swarm related category which could identify things such as whats happening and any new ideas that are being implemented which could be kept up to date by volunteer swarm members… it will also make is so much easier for making the 1Hive update posts weekly or monthly from these sub forum categories.
  3. I think we could also do with a starter section in forum which could be incentivised with a small honey or xDAI (like 1 faucet claim) which would get each new user through a simple ‘How to use the forum’ section and reward them once they achieve some badges?
  4. I also think that we could have like a ‘All time top posts’ section with posts with maximum views/likes and comments could be presented. I have personally found some gems written 6 or more months ago and they are buried in the sub-categories and not visible. These in my opinion should be much more visible!
  5. We could also think about a slash to the cred system to get serial abusers to be able to contribute in a more positive way.

Well thats all for now. If i think of something else will edit this post and add more.

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All sounds good to me, nice write-up thanks

  1. Nothing much to say here.
  2. Yes, I would agree, possibly just a swarms category with subcategories. You don’t really need a volunteer you just direct posts there.
  3. Yes - but first of all there is a problem that Discourse doesn’t potentially support of all of this (we are dependent on Discourse for the features, I suppose) and secondly, these “popular topics”… thought has to be put in how this is organized… I have never liked the system where most popular topics get eternal or temporary but front placement because they are popular since it discourages other topics which do in fact might be “malicious” but still… it’s important to have a wealth of creative content. But then, some categories can be deemed irrelevant to this needed creative field.
  4. First of all badges have to be reworked since they encourage giving hearts like a machine gun which is definitely not what we want.
  5. It just has to be reorganized, but I don’t think slashes are the way to go…

Also I think that possibly we could have a 1Hive Products category. That means for example:

    • AGAVE
    • BEEZU
    • ETC
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I agree with the products category. As there is topics scattered all over the forum, it is a great idea to have all the product related content curated under its own category.

Further discussion:
3. I did not realise this was a standard discourse feature set. I assumed discourse gave some independence/ customization options to each organisation that set up with them. Is Discourse an open source development? If it is and discourse is important kog in the 1hive system, then may be we should come up with suggestion to improve and raise an issue/ PR ?
4. So can the badges be reworked customised and does not need discourse input?
5. I am not saying slashing is the only way, i am saying just like Celeste or other PoS systems where malicious actors have to be discouraged, it is one of the ways for us to self-regulate.

Question: So i thought giving out hearts was just a reaction to someone reading your comment or post. What is the issue with this? Is it linked to pollen collection?