Fund a Quest - $1 million in transaction volume for the zkSync Era Mainnet deployment of Honeyswap

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
This Funding Proposal is requesting 500 HNY to fund the Quest for reaching $1 million in transaction volume on Honeyswap zkSync Era mainnet.

Quests are disputable bounties only paid out when task is completed - if the milestone isn’t reached by the end of 2024, funds will be released from the Quest back into the Common Pool.

Link to the Quest: Quests

Quest Details

This Quest will be awarded to the person or team primarily responsible for the growth of Honeyswap on zkSync Era Mainnet.


Funding Fallback Address:
1Hive Garden Common Pool

Network Information:
Name: zkSync Era Mainnet
Chain ID: 324
Block Explorer:

Requirement / Deliverables

  • $1 million in transaction volume is reached on the zkSync Era Mainnet deployment of Honeyswap
  • Claiming Player can prove they are the primary driver of Honeyswap growth on zkSync Era Mainnet.

Reward agreement

Claiming Player agrees that they are primarily responsible for the growth, marketing, operations, and/or partnership activities driving transaction volume zkSync Era Mainnet Honeyswap, and that funds will be fairly distributed to the people that helped grow the platform.

Proposal Rationale

Quests - a bounty platform built by 1Hive - has proven to be useful for outcome-based funding. Instead of requesting ongoing funding to the Honeyswap Swarm, Quests lets 1Hive conditionally pay only when a milestone is completed successfully.

Volume is a good metric for Honeyswap growth since fees are paid as a percent of transaction volume. More transaction volume means more funding available sustain operations and grow the platform.

If Honeyswap is deployed on zkSync Era Mainnet with a 0.3% transaction fee, $1 million would bring in $3,000 in fees. This is only a first growth milestone for the platform, attainable in the short term for the Honeyswap swarm or whoever chooses to take on growth and marketing for the platform.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
(Quest Address)