Future airdrop suggestion

It would be cool if future airdrops encouraged people to be healthier by walking or running more maybe , or make new art or poetry or films or be kinder. Airdrops that involve aspects to these kind of things could be cool.

Maybe we could have a diverse ‘bounty’ system that offers tokens for completing ‘missions’ and uploading the results. I’m imagining this AND any other security protocols we may chose to enforce.

For example a new piece of street art that somehow promotes the concept of ‘decentralisation’ could secure 1 token. A poem on the theme of the ‘wisdom or crowds’ gets 1 token. Planting a tree gets 1 token. Allow people to chose one thing to do well.

Bad actors that cheat the system just lose a sense of good karma and fun that others gain from completing the mission.

Possibly people get airdrops half first for free and then get to double the airdrop if they complete a mission and upload the results.

Best results get a very special prize maybe to encourage thought and care and effort.

This would also have the advantage of encouraging those that receive the airdrop to come to the community and engage in a meaningful way right from the very beginning and experience first hand a key aspect to what makes 1hive projects different from many others - a sense of public good (maybe spliced with a healthy streak of disruption).


Very cool. I am not sure if we call them airdrops, bounties, or maybe quests. Probably worth checking out the quest discussions on the 1 hive channel if you haven’t. Maybe that’s an option.

This is a really cool idea. I had pitched a similar idea to another meme crypto community where people could connect their personal fitness trackers to a portal and then receive ‘Health’ tokens for completing certain tasks like a minimum number of steps a day or bicycling x km or running etc. You could up the tokens drop based on the amount of activity. An interesting take would be to use Superfluid protocol on xDAI and use a streaming token that would dynamically stream these tokens to you based on activity!! Great idea though and would like to see this pushed forward. Let me know if you breach this topic on discord and in which channel. Would like to be part of the discussion and contribute some ideas I have.!!

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There was quite an interesting discussion last night in the trading section of agave discord and generally the airdrop chats are happening a lot on the agave discord.

This is a link to the agave discord:

I like the idea. Maybe we should include a "sharing and caring"section? One of the great benefit of xDai is low fees. Giving a few Dai to a good will project is cost less. Maybe we could think about it with Projects | Giveth Donation Application ?

“Bad actors that cheat the system just lose a sense of good karma and fun that others gain from completing the mission.” Some will. Few, but nevertheless, it’s still bothers me. What could be the solution?
NFT’s (proof of giving)? POAP? Both?

Maybe one of our first initiative could be linked with environment (bees, honey, etc). It has the advantage to be politically neutral. A few month ago I advocated a Gas For Good initiative to a big player of the market (spoiler: they don’t give a f**k, they’re here for the money). The idea is to give the opportunity to user to “round” the gas fees to the higher amount on each transaction, and give the difference to a goodwill initiative. Offsetting our CO2 emissions seems to be the more evident and politically neutral choice.
Imagine if a part of every of our transaction could be allocated to improve the world we live in?
Should we discuss it with Minerva?

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The agave team have some pretty comprehensive thoughts on protecting airdrops from bad actors. Go chat to them if you have any security ideas on the agave discord.

Personally think it would be a crime if the bee’s and their ecosystem didn’t benefit from 1hive ultimately. Proposals can be made at any time to allocate honey or to add buttons to gift honey (to buy land free from future development or anything else). I encourage thoughts around this.

What I’m excited about regarding my suggestion though, it can help develop change within.

To say to the family ‘guys I’ve made a pledge to plant a tree today who wants to help’ or to wake up and know that your job for the day is to make a piece of art that makes people think about serious issues, that’s really getting the core of the problem - ourselves.

Personally I like the idea of less offsetting our guilt with another purchase(albeit a good charitable one) but instead changing our pattern completely so there is less guilt in the first place.

OK, I see what you mean. Do you want to use HNY for this?

Should we create a $PLEDGE token?

The idea is simply that when 1hive airdrop anything, the receivers can double their reward should they chose to pledge and upload proof they fulfilled a 1hive mission (or quest) from a bounty list. So a matching address with a relevant uploaded picture secures a double drop.

It’s a bit of extra effort for 1hive and the participant but could cause a huge amount of public good to be generated in the process (and fun hopefully).

I’m suggesting trialing it with the next agave airdrop.

To get people walking a totally different take would be to add the airdrop to the Aircoins app. Like with Pokemon Go people can hunt for the airdrop tokens than, see https://aircoins.io/

Yeah I would love to have to eat little agave’s down the street

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You should check this:



Our process is easy: Set a goal and stake DAI on your commitment. Get your DAI back if you meet your commitment—but lose it if you don’t."