Gardens contributor proposal - Abidemi

  • Proposal Title
    This is a proposal to help Gardens with Grants and Fundraising

- About Me

Hello, my name is Abidemi. I’ve been a core DAO contributor for over three years. I’ve contributed to GitcoinDAO, BanklessDAO x Bankless Africa, Wonderverse, etc. I’ve done work around operations and governance, writing, grants, and leading marketing. I’m an investment analyst at a web3-focused fund in Africa.

You can learn more about me here;

- Proposal Description

This proposal details how I’d like to contribute to making GardenDAO a success.

Grants and Funding;

With Gardens V2 launch in the works, it’s crucial to have a more solid/sustainable approach towards acquiring grants and managing quality partnerships. As a community-focused project, developing a sound plan and strategy for partnering with onboarding relevant communities and managing that relationship should be a key consideration of the launch process.

Prior experience that supports this;

  • Deep Understanding of the Web3 Ecosystem: my roles as an Investment Analyst and Venture Fund Fellow have provided me with an in-depth understanding of the web3 industry. I’ve analyzed financial statements, conducted market research, and identified emerging trends, which gives me a comprehensive perspective on the opportunities and challenges within the space.

  • Grants Management and Stakeholder Relations: My role in leading the grants pod within Bankless Africa involved grant writing, stakeholder engagement, and building awareness. This led to the DAO participating in the first-ever DAOdrops round. This experience has honed my skills in managing grants effectively.

My contribution to designing operational flows, increasing member participation in decentralized governance, and raising governance awareness also come in handy in ensuring effective collaboration between stakeholders in a project

- Expected time to deliver

I’d be working on this within 6 weeks. Here’s a breakdown


Week 1 - 2; Grant sourcing

  • KP1; Researching grants and funding sources that are a good match for gardens


Researching and identifying relevant grants and funding opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem that are relevant to Gardens

Tracking requirements, deadlines, and deliverables for funding rounds/events to make sure Gardens is on time and eligible

Week 3- 6: Grant Application Preparation

KPI: Grant applications for targeted funding opportunities.


Identifying at least 5 suitable grants and funding opportunities for Gardens V2.

Collecting information and drafting proposals, project descriptions, and application answers

Promoting gardens on socials in funding rounds that need community support and working with the gardens team to get any information needed to help in that process

- Amount of HNY requested


- ETH address where funds will be received