Gardens Contributor Proposal - Arun

About Me

I’m a growth specialist at Holonym Foundation. I also write governance-based content at Premia Finance. I had been previously contributing as an active contributor at Token Engineering Commons, and as an Ambassador at zkBob.
My writings here.

Proposal Description

This proposal outlines my planned contributions to GardenDAO, focusing on two key areas

  • Business Development—sourcing and onboarding communities for alpha testing of v2
  • Conviction Voting Implementation—Helping alpha communities identify grants funding needs and working with them on successful setup of v2 CV strategies.

I aim to leverage GardenDAO’s Conviction Voting mechanism to streamline and optimize the web3 grants program, addressing the critical challenge of administrative overheads.

Key deliverables include

  • Identifying and engaging 2 to 3 grants programs for alpha testing with GardenDAO, covering diverse sectors such as DeSci, DeFi, Public Goods Funding, Gaming and more.
  • Establishing a feedback loop with the alpha communities to gather insights and communicate the feedback to GardenDAO.

Expected time to deliver

The proposed initiatives are planned to be completed within 1 month from approval.

Amount of HNY requested

50 HNY

ETH address where funds will be received



It would be an enormous help for the Gardens team to have your support with alpha testing Arun. I strongly support this proposal!

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