Gardens for real-world communities


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk in a meetup for BUIDL Honduras, a blockchain community in Latin America. It’s not a particularly large community, but it’s active and growing. In fact, they did several talks with the Ethereum Foundation on the framework of Road to Devcon.

And well, these communities are usually organized in a more conventional way, some enthusiasts create a discord server or Facebook group, etc.; However, despite being excellent initiatives, these communities tend to have certain lacks of incentives, no matter how good their intentions are, they can’t dedicate themselves to the development of local infrastructure due to lack of resources.

IMO these communities seem to be an interesting example because they could represent one of the first crossovers between crypto and real-life communities while contributing to the collective adoption by having access to a platform and resources to design a community however makes more sense to them.

And here’s where Gardens, 1Hive, and possibly a new Swarm come in.

We could pitch Gardens to Ethereum/crypto/blockchain communities around the world, where they would be able to have their own token and organize just like we do.

How does this benefit the communities?

  • Governance, with their own token, they can reach consensus on the use of blockchain and the development of infrastructure, giving everyone a voice through Conviction Voting

  • Funding, with the right tokenomics they could use their tokens to pay contributors and/or local activities (meetings, workshops, etc.)

  • P2P?, a lot of countries there isn’t a safe or direct way to exchange FIAT for crypto and vice versa, I’m not sure how it would work but I think that a local token would be the perfect way to exchange if the transaction could be somehow protected with Celeste.

How can we make this work for communities?

Value proposition

At first, I didn’t want to touch the subject because I don’t think I’m prepared or sure enough of knowing how these communities could keep and increase value, but here are some of what went through my mind.

For the DAO and its token

  • Gitcoin Grants

  • Sponsorships in their activities

  • Revenue from courses or activities?

For the contributors

  • Swarm-like organization

  • SourceCred as a way to encourage contributions (especially those that don’t have direct funding)

  • The possibility of finding and collaborating in other Gardens where their skills may be useful

The role of 1Hive

Although it may not be necessary, in my opinion 1Hive would ideally be offering direct support in the development of these Gardens, maybe making a Swarm to handle this could be a solution.

This Swarm would function as an advisor to these communities, where the masterminds that we have in the hive could help design their community, tokenomics, etc., as well as help solve questions or needs that may arise overtime, especially for those communities that don’t have members with enough experience in certain areas.

It could also work as a bridge between communities, with members of each one sharing and collaborating resources and knowledge. And even collaborating in certain activities (plus adding value to 1Hive by contributing directly on the community).

How does this benefit 1Hive?

The most obvious benefit would be the positioning of Honeyswap as the best option for community members to buy and sell tokens.

On the other hand, it makes 1Hive have an indirect, but tremendous effect on the real world and blockchain adoption.

Thanks y’all for reading and I hope my ideas are not too far from a real possibility.


We are starting such a community (still very very small) and I had thought of this same concept.
I think that the value proposition issue is key; would be great to hear from others.
We are based in a rural area and I wonder if and how we could create a marketplace using the DAO´s token as medium of exchange for everyday products such as food.

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