Getting pairs listed on (cancelled/postponed)

Hi, I’ve been in touch with a few devs from, and I know it’s likely we can get pairs listed over there.
I would like this to happen, and I would like this to be fair for everyone.
That’s why I would like to know how to make it happen.

How much, if something, should be allocated to listing pairs on
  • we shouldn’t pay to get pairs listed over there
  • between 1k and 5k (dai)
  • between 5k and 15k (dai)
  • more than 15k (dai)
  • we should pact a price per pair

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Once we know this, we can figure out the way to move forward (or not)

Edit: took out the option “we shouldn’t get pairs listed over there”, mostly because i don’t think it’s up to us if they wanted to add them.

Edit 1/10/21: What is possible now, in case of succeeding at verifying each particular contract, right now out of the 9, there is only 1 verified , is to get the 9 pairs we have on polygon listed on their vaults
(i don’t know exactly how vaults work, but i know they work with vaults)

We had a spring-planning meeting in which @DogeKing suggested to follow the protocol and make the signaling proposal.

This post wasn’t originally a signaling proposal, but was done with the intention to see what the community thinks.
It’s highly likely the proposal is going to be made regardless, mostly because it’s going to request only 5k.

Never heard of before, there’s no background on what they do and what they offer, there is too much information missing to get an opinion from everyone.

What would be the benefit for us?
What’s the scope of the project?
Who would take the lead on this?


i’m personally in favor of having 1hive’s tokens available on other platforms, I feel that the success of our projects is very strogly tied to Honeyswap as it is the only place where you can purchase hny or agave (and only on xdai, as in polygon there’s almost no liquidity)

Too less to be competitive, too hard to find us.

but as Felix said, maybe a bit more contest around would be nice.


Hi @Felix , thanks for your interest

The benefit for us would be to gain more visibility and the possibility of bringing more funds to the farms. (this is what answered one of their devs) (I think this would be really beneficial in other aspects too)

I’m really not sure what you mean by “the scope”, i understand what it means in programming, but in this case, i’m not sure what you mean.

As I’m making these proposals, I’m taking the lead “somehow”, I propose to have the funds sent to a multisig, I’m proposing @Blazar for one of the signers and myself the other. In case @Blazar doesn’t want to, I would propose either @paul or @Monstrosity.
(The whole process will be explained in the funding proposal)

If there is more questions please go ahead