🍯 Gitcoin - Badger Airdrop (before 17 December)

Hello everyone! I am David I’m one of the buzz dao members and a #buzz team contributor. And this is my first post. I am not good at writing but I will try my best to explain in this post :grin:

Badger Dao just announced that they will be airdropping $Badger to all donors of the Gitcoin grant round 8 which ends on December 17th 2020. So I want to use this opportunity to support Conviction Voting cadCAD Model Improvements: 1Hive Luna Swarm on Gitcoin. (You will be automatically eligible for badger airdrop after you donate on gitcoin).

Steps for Gitcoin Donation:

1. Go to https://gitcoin.co/ and select enter

2. Sign in using GitHub account (if you don’t have then sign up)

3. If you’re a new user then setup a profile.

4. Connect your wallet from Navbar.

5. After completing all the steps visit https://gitcoin.co/grants/1141/conviction-voting-cadcad-model-improvements-1hive and click on add to cart button.

5. Specify how much you wanna contribute in which coin and click on checkout.

6. There are two checkout option standard checkout or zkSync ( choose whatever you prefer: Note - You can select the hide my wallet option).

Airdrop will occur after the end of grant round 8 (Dec.17th) and users will be able to claim by going to https://app.badger.finance/hunt.

Source : https://badgerdao.medium.com/badger-dao-to-distribute-badger-tokens-to-gitcoin-round-8-donors-ce10fdbe98af


Nice I was going to donate anyways to our Luna Swarm , this just reminded me . It would be so much better if gitcoin works on xdai i hate paying those gas fees :smile:


Thanks for the heads up, I have donated some eth. The amount they match to contributions is pretty awesome


While I was scrolling through their twitter I came across another airdrop:


No advertisement, but they literally just gave me 0.5 eth for holding some Uni. You guys should check it out as well while your at it!

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its was already over man. snapshot was taken before 11 Nov.


Yeap just try in 1/2 am like I did yestrday 1$ gas fee hahah.
Like no one using eth chain/network for transactions :smiley:

@davidphoenix2020 Nice tutorial you made :+1:

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I did not afford to HOLD all my UNI after I received the airdrop, too bad…But thinking about it I swapped 350 UNI to 3 ETH and 300 DAI and and summing all the moves I made, I still made more profit than if I would have HODL the 400 UNI. Don t get me wrong, I would have HODLit all, but not in my current situation, just quit my job during the pandemic :grinning: so UNI and BADGER are supporting my dreams, never forget!

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Great stuff. Thanks for the step by step tutorial.
Help 1Hive and also get some badger, this is a great win-win situation. :wink: :honeybee:


Nice, I was going to donate to many project so far. Thanks for the step by step tutorial, awesome work @davidphoenix2020