Got my first drip of Honey out of the faucet!

I am rather new to the crypto world. I bought my first piece of a Bitcoin on Robinhood in February and thought I was officially in the game. I bragged to my brother about what I had done and he just laughed at me. He explained that I didn’t really have any BTC and told me to sign up for Coinbase and learn the basics.

I started watching all the YouTube channels I could to get educated. I figured out what a blockchain was and from there I was hooked, but little did I know that there was so much more to it.

I got into leverage trading and made some pretty good gains, but quickly lost it all, so that was a rookie mistake, but I sure loved the thrill of it all because I love to gamble.

I gave up on leverage trading and decided to get myself a ledger and HODL by way of Dollar Cost Averaging. Turning out to be a good way to go, but it is kinda boring.

I was later introduced to Uniswap but couldn’t get myself to spend all that money on GAS fees and gave up without completing a transaction and ended up missing the Airdrop. That hurt.

So then I heard about HoneySwap and I was determined to figure it out.

After about 3 frustrating weeks of trying to figure out why my Metamask would not show me where the HONEY I swapped for went, I finally figured it out. Today I recieved my first drip from the HNY faucet! :honeybee::grin:

Thanks for all the threads on how to trouble shoot through all the problems I was having! I learned a ton from the process and look forward to more drips of that sweet HNY and to continually learn about crypto! :partying_face:


Double check your uni wallet. You Just needed a wallet connected, no transaction req’d, to get an airdrop.

Glad to hear you made it in. The learning curve is a curve for sure.

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Thanks man. Yeah my Uni says “O”. Pretty sad.
I think the reason is because I did not actually complete a transaction. I put the order in and My Metamask was connected, but I did not have enough ETH in my account to pay for the GAS, so the transaction was denied. The Gas fee was like 3x higher than the actual token I was trying to buy. Plus, I was only trying to buy a little because I wanted to learn how to use Uniswap in the case that one day I actually had money so that I could afford a to buy tokens and not mind a $17 Gas fee… :laughing:

But, if you know of another way to get those free UNI please let me know. I would be so happy, cause I have been totally bummed over it.

My next goal is to learn how to Stake and then I want to learn how to farm. So much to learn!:exploding_head: But it is all gonna some day be worth it. :v:t4:

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@StevieBlunts420, this thread might be able to help to learn for staking and farming


Congrats and welcome to the hive, be sure to join us in discord and register for pollen too :slight_smile: