Guide/ Article + Tutorials for the French community

Hi guys.

Just saw you post about “Contribute & Earn $HNY:” on twitter.

Would be very happy to help. I write articles/guides for the (big) french community.
I’d like to know if a guide + tutorials can be useful for 1Hive ?

you can see my work here:
I already wrote several guides like that and more will be published very soon.

Do you think it can help the project ? I guess, especially because it’s using an other blockchain (not Ethereum) and most users never used it before.

Let me know


Hi @Cryptoouf, good to have you! You’re always welcome to work on something you believe to be valuable. If others agree you’ll get recognition for it and indirectly be rewarded through their likes, reacts, and replies. We’ve had a community member translate everything to Spanish which has been great. I’m sure if there are French community members they’ll appreciate anything you can put out there for them.


Yes, French tutorials are very welcome. You can also check @Escanor 's posts here and on the Discord, he translated the main FAQ post into Spanish, which has been very useful for Spanish-speaking visitors.

It would be good if you could write a general overview (for your site, but you can post a link here as well). Then you could maybe translate the FAQ.

If your work attracts a lot of French Newbees, then we will need someone to handle all the questions in french as well. Currently we have an English and Spanish Help channel on Discord, but more can be created if there is a clear demand.

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Used this reply to answer a question on the @honeyswap Twitter,