Halloween event/ideas

**Halloween event/ideas**

Hi, everyone as Iam assuming big part of community know that we are approaching slowly to Halloween.
I am creating this topic as I saw no one created similar.

Well in Friday I joined 1st caffe meeting for me and I was listened some members about ideas for this event.Now maybe we need to hop in and help devs because Iam assuming they have a lot of work on daily list - developing and staff like that to create something unique that whole community will like.

If you have some idea for this event, suggest that idea here and we can disscuse here.

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Hey DogeKing, welcome! I’m not sure Halloween is all that relevant to this project and it may not be in the best interest of 1hive/Honeyswap/HNY to come up with a random event idea for Halloween that includes some form of “free HNY” or anything. At most, maybe a double claim from the faucet on the night of Halloween could be considered. Anything more sounds gimmicky and emulative of pump/dump projects like RottenSwap (ROT).

However, a minimalistic feature like some ghost and pumpkin graphics on the faucet page the night of Halloween would be cool!


Oh i dont know about that. Halloween is cancelled for the most part. This protocol is about coordiation and fair exchange. It also is test running UBI trust circles that went viral thru crypto but had use cases that were mostly all the way at the physical community level. Real world uses. I think Halloween if its anything for crypto may be a chance to encourage the formation of trust groups and circle exchanges by pitching it as a digital excercise in the formation of the UBIcircle trust economy and gamefying it with trick or treat. trick or treat could be played across twitter and other platforms encouraging people to form safe communitites in which to trick or treat. Circles replace candy and trust scores could be driven up with the promise that a fixed ETH amount be sent back in exchange. Circle recieved as trick or treat. Exchanged fot small value .01 something trivial. If thefull exchange is made that trust circle is a treat if not trick UBIcircle for the ghouls loses value. Coordination of value exchanges based on trust with a gamefication element could be something to give a go. But if not ya know… just thinking outside the box.

I like this subtle approach of adding little elements on special days like Google Doodles. :ghost:

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Sounds good to me I was only thinking when I was in cafe meeting few people metioned halloween and if devs can make something. Small changes in UI is definitely good idea.
I was thinking something like collecting candies on forum,trying to find as many hidden candies( :candy: ) as possible to create some sort of competition and make fun on forum :smiley:

I love halloween! :ghost: Was thinking on some ideas, how about organizing special halloween themed mission for bees? :honeybee: Nothing too crazy, but something that we can enjoy doing and score some extra points. For example: dress like a spooky bee for halloween, or to carve a 1hive-themed pumpkin etc. We can discuss what mission fits better. With strict rules, like 1 entry per person maybe, to avoid spam and dedicated discord channel or forum thread to post mission content. I think something like this can gather comminuty for some festive fun :smile:

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Would be great to have something different for Halloween.
I don’t think devs have much time to make a lot of changes in short time, considering they are other priorities but I would suggest some Halloween specific emojis. :ghost:


Maybe contest like create best emojis for halloween or something like that.
I saw one unique idea which I wrote above is that when halloween start devs can hide like 10-15 :candy: emojis on forum and try maybe to find more then the others.

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