Happy new year (2021 šŸŽ† )

Hi everyone,
First of all for start I want to wish happy new year to everyone and members of this great community we are building.Since I am a member of this community(from october) I do not know how I can describe and say that for this community that we achieve a lot of things and wish that in upcoming year we can achieve more then in previous year.

What would you as a member of this community like to accomplish in the coming year?


Iā€™d like to get some traction with some killer dApps, especially defi, on whichever chain we land, and to gain traction globally to be able to help as many people as possible grow their communities and their economies in mutually beneficial ways.

Iā€™d like to see an ever-expanding network of DAOs with cross-DAO cooperation, coordination, and participation, so that we can finally upraise ourselves from the wage-debt slavery system through the power structure that we ourselves have created.