Harvest stooped?

Why has harvesting stopped? This way my efforts were wasted, what is going on? Maybe I get everything out, this project seems failed. very dissapointing

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First go through forum and you will see why farming is closed.
Farming is closed because we invested 600hny and we got nice liquidity and what happend after that everyone starts moving there money to mainnet.
We are working on new concept of farming system which will be better from previous one.


i have not been accepted, as they keep asking for my phone number, which i dont want to give

No one asks your phone number what r u talking

If someone asking for number they you are probably talking about some scammer they trying to get your money.

I am lost. Farming is stopped so where are my stakes? the https://hny.farm/farms doesnt work anymore?

Are you on our Discord?
New farms have opened at Honeycomb.
If you can’t remove your liquidity from the old farm check the #help section on our Discord.