Headless CMS to improve inside and outside communications from 1Hyve

Hello guys, This conversation started with a provocation. That would be to create an optimized and effective way to get more space on social media. With less work, measurement and coordinated efforts (but not mandatory, as it doesn’t make sense here in 1Hyve). In this way, I believe it would be possible to better organize the community’s internal and external communication efforts with a Headless CMS structure. Does anyone here know this new concept? Does this fit with the 1Hyve culture? Let me know what do you think about it…

The videos below demonstrate a little of this new concept applied in two different products:


This concept of Headless CMS is something quite new. Even for those who are used to working with content.

There are several available on the market. One of them is Strapi (open source):

This subject may be very seminal now, but a year from this moment its applicability will become quite obvious. Mainly for a decentralized community such as 1Hyve.

Looking into it today,
Thx man,

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Thanks ZER8,

It is the right tool for what you want to build. I have no doubt about it. I’ve been working with online projects since the 90’s and I know all the tools to gain torque in marketing actions. If we manage to apply this at 1Hyve it will be a great success. But it will require an implementation project and everyday organization on the part of those involved.

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I think of it as an Ecosystem News Agency. With registered creative teams.

These teams would produce written and media material (in the form of videos and images) to illustrate the topics covered.

The themes could be suggested by the community and addressed by these different teams. Or they could come from themselves.

The same subject could have different opinions and angles to be approached and with the time and maturity of their activities, these teams would gain notoriety and an editorial signature based on the success of their stories.

Some would choose to produce computer graphics, others could do video interviews, analytical materials, humorous content in the form of memes, etc. Finding this plurality would be a big step.

As the system would be programmed to manage all of this, each team would publish in a much more organized way and comparing in real time how their content is bringing new things in relation to other teams (as it happens today in the mainstream media). Who doesn’t want to publish a big scoop?

With a CMS Without Head we work all this inside and also outside of 1Hyve, taking advantage of the publication structures created.

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