Hermez Network Airdrop

Who Qualifies for the HEZ Airdrop?

Will qualify for the HEZ airdrop all the Ethereum addresses that:

  • Have donated at least $1 to Gitcoin Round 9.


  • Have donated to Gitcoin Round 9 using Metamask web wallet.

Please, bear in mind that at the moment, the Hermez web wallet only supports Metamask wallet.

Users will be able to receive their airdrop on the 4th of May.

More info here: First HEZ Airdrop: Gitcoin Round 9 Metamask Donors


It says that right now it’s worth around 65$, nice surprise but I hope it will be worth it to claim the tokens keeping the gasfees in mind.


Gas taxes that are very cheap at certain hours these days, ranging between 30 and 45, interact with many protocols, for example staking a quantity of token, they have come to charge me only 6 dollars

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excellent information for that Airdrop, Brother I participated in the GR9 donation, you have an idea of how much that airdrop can be worth in $, thanks for the timely information :money_mouth_face:


It says 65 dollars, but Who knows

time to wait then brother!

The airdrop is for 10 hermez, they are listed on coingecko so at current price of $6.75 it would be worth $67.50

you can keep an eye on the price here Hermez Network price, HEZ price index, chart, and info | CoinGecko

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Thanks for the information, I will wait for the day to claim my airdrop :star_struck:

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I really wish Gitcoin would accept xDai donations. It’s strange, they already use it for Kudos. It would be the perfect chain for donations.

It would be really interesting, there the number of people donating would be exponentially greater, the future will tell if this will happen, greetings

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Hermez is one of those projects that I am sure will succeed but it still is somewhat underrated

It is a project that has not been listed in Coingecko for example for a long, let’s give it a little more time and multiply the result of the airdrop

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Nice, airdrop is an airdrop. Its welcome.

@ZER8 @Kaselol @Camarzana What I think is whether the project is small or large, everything that is obtained as a profit in a welcome airdrop, and if the success of the project is even greater, much better, good vibes

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" We have decided to extend the airdrop distribution for 48 more hours, until Thursday 6th of May 2021, 15:00 UTC."

How to claim:

-Connect the Metamask wallet that you used to donate to the Hermez Network Mainnet https://wallet.hermez.io/login

-You don’t need to make any deposits. Just connect the wallet, clicking “Sign” when prompted by Metamask.

-You need to connect your wallet before Thursday 6th of May 2021, 15:00 UTC.

excellent work and timely information brother get me out of doubt I connect my walllet and sign how long it takes to get the tokens, thanks in advance @Kaselol

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After Thursday 6th of May 2021, 15:00 UTC

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I have friends who have received the tokens, so I imagine they have an ordered list according to how they sign or something similar📈

They have signed days before in the plataform. Devs have incrased time limit for clueless people!