Hesitate to reply naturally since leads to unfair cred to others!

There is a big problem with discord which people hesitate to reply naturally since leads to unfair cred to other users in their opinion, then people do not get notified to spot the posts they dealed with along 1000! of channels over there.

Missing the point to read back the answers and continue to participate those discussions.

Not all people concentrated on this era so i think this is a significant problem, which i know lots of members are against this.

Please post ideas in reply as well as your opinion on this. how to get rid of this thing? if you really recognize it as a problem which i think it really is.
It is not something important for most concentrated old users, it’s a issue for most beginners i think.

One idea:
Making a new type of replying which do not lead to creds?! (But notifies the users on discord)
Its so fun but in fact this is some kind of reallity.

Maybe we need a new caulture arround it.

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Don’t try to read everything, only read what pertains to your ‘area of influence’.

  • You haven open casual channels
  • Bees channels which are more open discussion on their project specific areas
  • swarms which is more dev related in their area

I would recommend identifying a bee channel you are interested in and only read the bee channel. As you increase your involvement determine for yourself if you want to get involved in the swarm.

I do agree discord is a bit overwhelming and hard to figure out. I sometimes still struggle on figuring out where a topic belongs. I think as we develop swarms we will improve the structure.

I hope that helps,

No dear @Monstrosity
I mean something else. I just mean:
The idea behind sourcecred and interpreting likes to scores, leads to new behavior which affects natural mechanisms of “Reply”, “Mention” & “like” (any type of reaction)

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I don’t understand what are you trying to say, sorry

I can’t say it more clear than this.
As i sayed: it makes no sense for old users.
But for beginners, it really does.
Interfering intensive system of discord with sourcecred behind with natural mechanisms of a social platform…

This problem also occurred to me and I could not find a solution. I think your idea can solve this problem to some extent. But there are still more ways to solve the problem.