Hey guys just want share with you a good new for Honeyswap

Xswap, a cross-chain swap aggregator incubated by TokenPocket, just integrated with Honeyswap! This would definitely bring more users and volume to Honey :slight_smile: here is the link of the ANN: https://twitter.com/Xswap_/status/1432539360289693707?s=20

In return, I hope 1hive community could RT and gives a like :100:

Looking forward to more cooperation between us in the future!!!


Honeyswap in our Route list :slight_smile:

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That’s great , thank you for letting us know and we hope for future cooperation as well . I know token pocket is very popular on Heco if i am not mistaken. I will submit tweet request and thank you for your tweet about it.

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@MeloTokenPocket thanks for reporting brother! Like and Rt to said tweet Hugs from Colombia!
magnificent ! May everything positive be for 1hive and the new alliances!