HiveShare Airdrop

Hiveshare announced an airdrop of 500 Hiveshares, if you have at least 1 hny or 1 agve you can claim it at But be careful, Hiveshare has nothing to do with 1Hive, it is an independent project. So do your research and be careful as we don’t know if it’s legit.

Contract: 0x97E4ebc14C117C1ac2D032a5A8140C84628b0d17


well thanks to you for letting us know …
it seems usefull with a self governed DAO and it helps simple or more little projects to success

Thanks as always! Great find, I’m excited for this new project - looks interesting

hello, only users with 1agve or 1hn and you made the claim

Look forward to see where this goes! Great value airdrop!

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Yes bro, u may hold at least 1 HNY or 1 AGVE

you claimed it broth!

Is it possible to make people with less money be able to take advantage of this?

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I understand you friend. I think how you, in this world of cryptocurrencies, whales become more whales.

If you want to make more whales from the basic code of whales, you must be able to feed that whale to grow and grow, and we will continue to do so :v: