HNY Airdrop Needed!

Hello All,

I first heard of HNY back in October 2020, when I first heard there may be an airdrop. Since then, I have seen virtually every other platform offer an airdrop, but not HNY Swap. I think that an airdrop of HNY would be extremely beneficial for the community, and would help drive adoption.

Hey there!

We already have multiple ways of receiving HNY, via : Pollen, faucet, proposals. Adding this would just hurt honey. People will just dump all the HNY from the airdrop in the market. This will hurt the long time holder, there’s multiple ways to earn honey, without giving it away :slight_smile:


Like Felix said above there are few ways but the best way is to contribute to community and get paid in HNY through pollen system.
And we had like 10/15 topics like this one and right now we don’t see any positive thing doing that airdrop we only gonna lose liquidity on honeyswap and create sell pressure.
Maybe in some future will be something…


I just think we need a nice “rumor” of an airdrop lol.
Thats what brought me here a few months ago and then I just stayed.


We don’t want to make everything just a rumour. If we do that, it will make the community seen unreliable


are looking forward to the airdrop from HNY :kissing_heart:

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