HNY - BRIGHT liquidity incentives on honeyswap?

It would be great to have a HNY - BRIGHT liquidity incentive.

Here is the forum discussion in the BrightID forum:

At this moment HNY/BRIGHT price is about 500 BRIGHT for 1 honey, so my proposal would be to have for 12 weeks:
20 HNY per week
10.000 bright per week

For a total 240 HNY and 120k BRIGHT

What do you think ?


I agree with this. It’d be great to have the FARM back but on the other side, if the farm gets restarted. Won’t people dump their rewards back into the market?

This is a fantastic investment that appears to be paying off. I’m hoping that the farms will be reopened. Thankful @freiheit

These exact numbers look good to me and I would vote in favor of this proposal.

I just posted this in the Bright DAO forum:

I’d rather see Bright DAO and 1Hive share DAO-owned liquidity for BRIGHT<>HNY, like how 1Hive did with Shapeshift proposed by @Monstrosity: An Opportunity to Partner two Communities and Strengthen the 1hive Treasury - :herb: Proposals - 1Hive

Advantages of this route:

  • DAO-owned liquidity lasts longer than incentivized liquidity.
  • Strengthens the friendship between Bright DAO and 1Hive - both communities are incentivized to act in each other’s interest.
  • Shared liquidity acts as treasury diversification for both DAOs.
  • LP rewards are often sold, hurting token price.

But let’s do a poll!

  • Incentivize BRIGHT<>HNY liquidity with rewards
  • Split DAO-owned liquidity b/w Bright DAO and 1Hive
  • Do Nothing

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I agree and hope the farm will be redeveloped

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Nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Putting together a proposal for DAO-owned liquidity for $1M in the HNY<>BRIGHT LP, shared 50/50 between 1Hive and Bright DAO. We’ll use a 4 of 6 Gnosis multisig to add the liquidity, with 3 Bright DAO members and 3 1Hivers on the safe.

Bright DAO: