Honey Faucet Proposal

This is a proposal to fund the Honey faucet.

The purpose of the faucet is to help onboard people to 1Hive, encourage them to engage periodically, and to help create a broad and inclusive distribution of Honey. Users must validate that they are a unique human using BrightID in order to register and claim their share of periodic honey distributions.

The faucet has been configured to distribute 5% of its balance every 2 days. The faucet can be funded using conviction voting proposals or through donations, there is no special function necessary to fund the faucet, just send Honey to the Faucet Contract.

I’ve created an initial funding proposal to the DAO of 300 Honey, to kick things off!


I support this proposal. I’m going to try to plot a few examples with the amount of Honey distribute as times goes by.

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interesting proposal and great idea!