Honey & Honeyswap Coinmarketcap Listing

So I have to correct myself, I have updated the post, I need a :tulip:Tulip Swarm bee for this!

I was most likely tired or disoriented while writing it, I will post in the Discord now immediately.


Happy to put forward any leg work with any mundane tasks preparing back links, whether bounty or bounti-less. I would otherwise ask the forum and maybe @FriedRengi about what relevant marketing data we have that has previously been done to attract links and a larger market narrative between honey and:

Popular 3rd party links relating to:

  1. Trends
  2. Visually driven content, (charts and vids)
  3. Market segments we don’t want to discriminate against, by not including in back links

I am assuming the market research needs to be done by the bees and bounty hunters so wanted to ask here if we have service resources first, but if all the marketing campaign is configured already then I’m happy to put my hand up to plug the values in to the information published on CMC.

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Thank you for all your hard work!

Alright so a quick update on the situation, I am extending the timeframe to next week because:

  • The CMC team has asked specifically for contact to one of our seed members because they are most likely more comfortable dealing with this whole listing process in a “non-DAO” way, so to say.

  • I have not yet received assistance from a :tulip: Tulip bee (see thread) which I require to procceed further.

Again, if someone is able to please message me about the second point, and for the first point I guess we will see tommorow what will happen.

A little update: Logo of HNY has been changed


I think we need to be really careful how we use investors.
We’re the investors when we participate in the DAO.
There’s not really financial investors as near as I can discern.
Also, I apologize if this is what you meant.
People who buy Honey as speculation aren’t investing in 1Hive or Honeyswap, and people who provide liquidity are investors, but they aren’t really investing in Honeyswap but rather in themselves, I think.

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Just as said, their stuff is geared towards centralized exchanges or the more popular style exchanges, if I could call them like that (Uniswap and so on). Also they haven’t been answering since the weekend, but I think we’re on a good way to come to terms with them. Just for them to answer our mails.

Also, just for the sake of utility there is no point in stressing this or that, we just want our listing right now, it’s our job to inform other people of how our community works properly.

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I think Uniswap isn’t an issue to list because Uniswap is on Mainnet.
Uniswap isn’t a centralized exchange; it’s a dex too.
Honeyswap is a clone of Uniswap, so exchange-wise it’s exactly the same.
It’s just that Honeyswap is on a non-standard blockchain, xDai network, that Honeyswap doesn’t have crazy high liquidity yet, and that Honeyswap doesn’t have a central point of control. Tbh though, if we had huge volume no doubt we’d be listed everywhere already regardless of being DAO run or being on xDai.

I believe there actually is a point in stressing how we use investors in the context of the exchange and the DAO because it goes to whether Honey is a security or not. There are huge legal implications and investigations can be triggered by verbiage.

Not to belabor a side point.

It’s important to keep in mind that the dex is a project of the DAO and not that the DAO is a side product of the dex. The purpose of 1Hive isn’t to create effective friendly degens for Honeyswap.
The purpose of Honeyswap is to run experiments in funding and fund the DAO, 1Hive.

People seem to be coming at this with the idea that Honeyswap is the center and purpose of 1Hive and that all success or failure rests on the exchange.
That’s not actually how this all works.

Getting the exchange listed is amazing and important and hopefully will help the DAO, but it isn’t the purpose of the DAO. There are a lot of other projects happening, and with other exchanges moving to xDai as well as Honey moving to other blockchains, we may ultimately find that maintaining Honeyswap no longer makes sense.

Our liquidity doesn’t need to be on Honeyswap to be valuable and useful.

New weekly update on the situation. Basically waiting for someone to do the API data, it will most likely be @lkngtn since he is the only one that said he could do it at some point. We are pretty lax so if any other bee wants to jump in on this feel free. After that task is done things should go smooth.

We also received an e-mail back from CMC, they basically said: “Ok! Great!” (meaning fill out the form). So yeah, we know what we have to do.

Keep on buzzing bees!


Thank you for sticking this out.
These things never end, lol.
Much better than the old days tho.
Good work people.

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:honeybee: ALRIGHT BEES :honeybee:

I submitted the CMC update for tracked listing request. Thank you to @crisog and @boring877 for navigating me around with graph and all of that, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what exactly to submit (see topic).

I suppose that communication will happen over my email, but I submitted as the projects email: [email protected] .

Now we’ve just gotta wait. Will update once I get answer, would ask Buzz dao to check their email through the next week.


That’s a good analysis. It helps the community. Thank you

Update time!

This time I want to praise CMC for their initiative!

I have sent the CMC request recently as I mentioned in the other thread, and CMC replied! Most likely they have a standardized form for centralized projects so we received this back:

As we know with our DAO character this is questionable for us since there is no single person that could sign this, thankfully this was the solution to the whole topic:


(Of course I blended my name out, we are part of the crypto-community after all :grinning:.)

But anyways, thanks to their initiative this problem was easily solved!

Keep on buzzing bees! :honeybee:


Update time!

The above communication was held, as can be seen, a week and a half ago approximately. Since then, I have not received a reply from CoinMarketCap. I will attempt to inquire into a possibly listing date with an email today.

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loooool right before i went to sent the mail i realised we got listed