Honey toll refund

We recently submitted a vote for upgrading the conviction-voting app.

Creating votes on the DAO requires a toll amount of 100 HNY.

The first vote was mistakenly created as it didn’t create all the permissions for the new conviction voting to work properly.
The second vote is the correct upgrade of the app.

For this is that i’m requesting the 200HNY refund which was paid as toll when creating both votes.

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I staked some honey, it should pass in less than 18 hours.

Should we reset the tollgate so we don’t have to vote for refunds? Is 0.1 HNY a reasonable amount?

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no matter what you set it to, it is always reasonable that it will become worth enough to be prohibitive. Or you could try changing it to an amount which is a like 0.0001 (1 basis pt) or less of the reserve itself, or maybe 1% of the quantity requested? Open to ideas.

Honestly, i think a better approach might be to refund the honey whenever the proposal is passed or withdrawn. Possibly with a tax.

To summarize. Logic would look like:

in order to submit a proposal, require deposit of h honey as a function of the proposal itself, eg h = .01*r where r is the quantity of funds requested.

if the proposal is veto’d (by a court action) sacrifice those funds to the DAO.

if the proposal is withdrawn (by the submitter) you get say 0.90*h back (implies a 10% tax for taking our attention)

if the proposal passes, then you return h to the proposer.

Just brainstorming, I’ve spent some time thinking about a range of policies on the interfaces to the conviction voting algorithm. I understand you may just want to reduce the fee as a quick fix to improve usability now.

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I wouldn’t change the toll amount for now, it ends up going into the common pool and can then be reimbursed, seems to work reasonably well as an anti-spam measure. However, as soon as we move to disputable voting and conviction we won’t need it as there will be a deposit associated with each proposal and if a proposal is violates the agreement terms (spammy, malicious, etc) it can be disputed, locking the vote and deposit until the dispute is resolved.

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damn this statement proved true a lot sooner than expected. Today, if one were to need to buy the HNY required to pay the 100 HNY toll (even if you were going get it reimbursed), it would cost them 100k xDAI.

In the short term its fine because there are people who have the HNY already but it severely limits the ability of any new entrants having enough HNY to make proposals.