HoneyComb Add-Liquidity Frozen

I’ve been trying to add my daily contribution to the weth/honey pair and have not been able to now for over 6 hours. I’ve refreshed, rebooted, re-this’d and re-that’d…even cleared the cache. The site isn’t allowing me to add LP Tokens to the farm.

I can’t seem to find a link to send support the information/request for help.

My suggestion will be to go to #help channel on discord. It will have better visibility for everyone. Also, devs are answering very fast on discord.

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Would you have a link for that? I’m not seeing anyway to communicate w/ anybody on the discord link provided at the bottom of the Honeycomb page.

https://discord.com/channels/698287700834517064/708186897658150962/769335259011350559 be patient guys.

You have to read the message in #:wave:welcome that explains to you how to unlock the rest of the Discord, including a #:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:help channel :slight_smile: