Honeycomb farms not loading on wallet?

Hi guys. Is anyone else having trouble connecting their wallet to https://hny.farm/farms
I have been trying this past 30 minutes with no success. It was fine yesterday. Any advice?

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Been that way for over 12 hours now here on my pooter

Really? Are they going to post any updates? Iā€™m a bit nervous

There is a problem with The Graph: https://status.thegraph.com/
People are working to fix the issue.

Currently 1hive, Honeyswap Info, The Faucet and Honeycomb are inaccessible.

Thank you for the update. I was starting to panic. I was trying all sorts of work arounds. Recommend putting that up on the site though as there must be a bunch of us feeling the same

You can also join discord for announcements and discussions. The community is very active.