Honeyswap and NFT's

I know NFT’s are very hype right now, but since things like epor.io & nifty.ink are gaining traction on xDai I thought it would be cool if Honeyswap had its own NFT thing. Hell we could even partner with them or another xDdai NFT platform if we wanted. Uniswap had the unisocks, so why can’t we do something with NFT’s but better! Here are some of my idea on NFT’s we could do. All these ideas are up to change so feel free to add or change things to my ideas. Would really love to see official NFT’s come to 1hive. I will not get into NFT-pools and more advanced NFT stuff, but they could be a possibility for official 1hive NFT’s

Option 1: RNG Trait based bee NFT’s
RNG based NFT’s. These would be like crypto kitties but BEES! Keeping with the 1hive theme each NFT would be a bee with unique features like: bigger wings, bigger eyes, rare colors etc. The randomness would derive from a chainlink oracle on xDai. Here is the real kicker. There will be one queen bee! I know I know we are a DAO and having a central head is sorta out of line but just imagine there being only one super rare queen bee card. Not really sure about this part on if we should airdrop the NFT’s to people who participated in 1hive DAO and/or other DAO participants. I personally think having 1-3 NFT’s airdropped to users would be the best bet. Each address will get the same number of NFT’s as another.

We could even have 1% fee of all transactions of the NFT. People could put them up on our marketplace and only pay in HNY. There could even be like X types of base bee job cards: worker bee, guard bee, Queen’s Attendants bee, nurse bee, etc etc. So even tho each each NFT has different unique traits you could have the whole set of bee types. Then there could also be different volumes of bee. And with each volume could come different themes or new traits or such. We could even make it a massive 1hive drop where new volumes for option 1, 2, 3 and 4 could drop and alot of hype would build around the drop. This would mean 100’s of new official 1hive NFT’s would be on the market and peoples wallet. Could even do a leaderboard for who has the most 1hive NFT’s or the most complete collection of a volume. This goes for all the options here but we don’t have to airdrop every volume and they could only be available from the shop. But for the first time a NFT option is offered (Type of NFT) the NFT should be airdropped.

*This could be a plain 2D NFT with a back and front or maybe even the side viewable in a 3D environment

Option 2: Plain NFT’s
This one is a bit boring in my opinion and wouldn’t really get much people into the 1hive DAO as the other options. It would just be a basic NFT of 1hive art. You would get a random pull from be a collection of selected 1hive art/memes. Some could be more rare than others. The collection could be 2D Image art or 3D art or both! A mixture of both is better IMO.

*Having both 2D and 3D art being viewable in a 3D environment is an option. Maybe different default 3D camera movements would be cool.

Option 3: Playing Cards
Playing cards. That’s right, 1hive branded deck of cards. Very clean art. Very appeal to look at. Even maybe future iterations/volumes of deck of cards. Like each deck of cards would have a different theme, but we don’t have to have different iterations of deck of cards but I think it would be better. They could be basic 2D NFT’s or we could go the cooler route and make them 2D cards with a front and back and sides are viewable in a 3D space. If the community wanted to make the cards even more different there could be slight defects on the card like the back of the card could be slightly off or the front could slight be off center but the 1st option of the cards being just basic cards with no defects is also fine. The defect option makes it the cards have uniqueness to them like real world cards would.

With the jack, queen and king art, having a real jack, queen or king like a normal deck would work but I’m not sure if that’s better than having bees represent the face card. Maybe a bee with a king’s crown would work to represent a king but as far as queen and jack I’m not too sure. I’m sure the community’s creative mind will some up with something for the face cards.

Also having a cool animation of the 1hive deck of cards opening and showing you each card you own would be nice. It could show you how many of that card you own, cards missing in the deck, analytics for sell of the cards etc. Like when you first get the airdrop it will be a closed deck of cards. It will do a little shake, it looks like it want to be opened. You maybe you could even have an option where you have to cut the deck of cards open. Having to drag your mouse across the opening and your mouse is a knife. Then BOOM the deck of cards is open and you get to see what card(s) you get, maybe its just 1 or more cards airdropped this volume. I think it is a very cool idea. Then with future volumes of 1hive deck of cards it will show you each volumes you own in your inventory. A very clean UI would be the key here. You can view your inventory and trade cards with other people. Like if I wanted to complete my suite I could put out an offer to trade a card(s) for card(s), you wouldn’t pay xDai for cards you would put up your cards for another persons card. And/or there could be an option to just buy someone cards straight up with HNY/. Even people could sign their own cards. Like literally sign with their signature on the front, back or both of the card. Might be doing too much with this idea but It’s fun to imagine and would be funner to actually do.

Here would be 54 card deck:

4 Suites: Hearts :heart:, Clubs :clubs:, Diamonds :diamonds:, Spades​:spades:.

Each suite would contain: an ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, and king.

As far as jokers go there will be 2, 1 or none. The jokers could be identical or different.

Maybe even a barcode card or some extra card that would normally come in a real life deck of cards.

It could be cool to collect an entire deck of cards. The amount of cards airdropped should always be as close to a full deck as possible. Then if people have collected a group of cards they could put them up on sale with smart contracts and 1hive gets a fee and that fee could be put into a treasury (common pool?), or give to 1hive DAO participants or something. Like someone could sell their entire collection of a suite, certain numbers or face cards. It would be nice to collect an entire deck of cards but the cost could be an issue. Maybe even having the option to buy an entire deck from the 1hive shop could work, the only payment option being HNY of course. (to give more utility to HNY). I must make this very clear these decks MUST have a supply cap. First the airdrop and then we must set a certain number of decks able to be sold at the shop if we even want to sell decks at the shop. We can always do other iteration/volumes of playing cards with different themes. The amount of decks available to buy from the shop should not be that much. Not extremely rare but given like 2 weeks it should be sold out. Not many decks should be created relative to the number of cards airdropped. Also having which volume each card is from should be on the card or metadata. I really like this one and it may be the strongest bet here. Not as complex as option 1 but still very cool.

*This could be a plain 2D NFT with a back and front or maybe even the side viewable in a 3D environment

Option 4 (Kinda)
NFT’s will cool ability’s, like crypto kitties but this time they can be used in battle or something. Like option 2 but these NFT’s have actual utility instead of being cool to look at and just speculative. You could battle other players in a 1v1 or something. The community could take inspiration from other card games on how they are used in game. An implementation of story mode where users learn about the 1hive DAO and get rewarded. Or we could just go with a regular story mode and no learning of the DAO. So just crypto kitties but 1hive style.

*This could be a plain 2D NFT with a back and front or maybe even the side viewable in a 3D environment

Examples of 3D NFT’s:

Medium article on 3D NFT’s
3D Bee on break scene
(2D NFT’s are most of my ideas but just having them viewable in a 3D space is so cool but simple.)

Wrap up
Logistics: I think if we really hit this in the ballpark we could bring alot of new members to the 1hive DAO. Obviously I’m one person and the DAO is a group of people. What ever the DAO thinks the best option for one of these NFT we should do. Just trying to add ideas to the many NFT idea threads, I’m assuming working on trying to implement more than one of these NFT options would prove be difficult. So maybe just getting the ball started with 1 NFT implemented would be the best option. This is my first post on the forum. I have been in the discord server for a while and was very active a few months ago. Would love to hear your thought on these NFT ideas. Once the DAO has an idea of what type of NFT or maybe no NFT at all it should be put to proposal. Sorry if this read was confusing or didn’t make sense or was clear. This is only meant to be my idea of NFT’s on 1hive and what the DAO likes and doesn’t about my ideas. Once the community has come to a conciseness of NFT’s on 1hive I think there should be a roapmap for NFT’s on 1hive



Hi mate, currently the option 1 is still in development actually. It is called kshazu, just like axie infinity but it using bees. The option 2 are now available made by the communities. Just check out the epor.io for the option 2. For the option 4 is almost same with option 2 but the media is using 3d images. I think epor.io supports the option 4.

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Oh shoot nice! So something is under development, do you know where I can find details on it?

Oh, that’s so innovative for your idea. Thank you for your selfless effort

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Is it really? I don’t think my ideas were innovative, but if 1hive could REALLY and I mean REALLY capitalize on NFT’s I think the DAO would be much stronger. Having a bunch of hype for new NFT’s and users paying in HNY, i mean it’s a win-win. We get a ton of new capital for future projects and users get a NFT plus exposure to 1hive. NFT’s are here to stay so NFT’s are a no brainier. I know that feeling of owning a NFT and it having value because it is a unique work of media. It’s just something Fungible Tokens can’t give you.

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Hello, I made few 1Hive related NFT’s with a real story that really happened behind it! https://xdai.unique.one/profile/0xC36C8Db4A5Bb39a1B77E0C478B9614b2ec142c3b