Honeyswap approval fees are ridiculous!?

Does any one get an average 3 usd approval fee for the same transaction i payed 0.01 usd for. I transfer from metamask to kraken at 3.5-4.5 on eth network.

Please feedback. This is a huge drawback

Its saying that you’re paying for 3-4$ USD per transaction, but its not really the case. Its a Metamask bug, its thinking that you’re paying the transaction with ETH, which is not the case. Since we’re using the xDAI sidechain you’re paying the transaction with xDAI.

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Yea… please check how much in xDAI the fee is going the tx hash on blockscout, you will see the fee is generally < 0.000026354 DAI in my last approval … which is RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP!!!