Honeyswap HNY airdrop idea

Honeyswap HNY airdrop idea

Proposal description:

This proposal is just to see the general opinion of the 1hive community for this type of marketing move.

(This action will create a proposal which can be voted on, it’s a proposal without a requested amount. The action will not be executable.)

Proposal Rationale

With such high and sometimes even higher Ethereum mainnet fees, right now I think is a great moment to get more publicity for the xdai chain and Honeyswap.

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hi @Paulrebel, we have made better way to gain hny while helping the community .

see here https://1hive.gitbook.io/1hive/getting-started-1/how-can-you-contribute


As mentioned by other users in other occasions, 1hive is offering hny through faucet and pollen, stimulating the work and the commitment of the community.

A random airdrop does not have the same effect, causing a drop in price and not necessarily a great success of the project. Besidees, 1inch and UNI launched their token with the airdrop; HNY is already out since months, and regardless of the airdrop there is much more interesting things going on in my opinion

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I disagree, I originally came to 1hive and starting using the platform because I heard there was an airdrop. SInce I just found it a great platform and have been supporting the project. If it wasnt for the rumor of the airdrop of would never have came in the first place. You want new adopters then you need to spark it. Right now is the time to capture new people as we are heading into a massive bull run

yes, airdrop has its own power to bring more people for sure. I understand that.

but for now we dont plan any airdrops.

stay close :smiley:

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