Honeyswap limit orders

So 2 weeks ago we got in touch with Gelato team where they proposed us if we want to implement their product ‘‘Limit orders’’ on Honeyswap dex and in same time create some kind of partnership with them.

Currently buzz team is working on revamp of landing page where we just finished with implementation of Mt Pelerin service where people can buy/sell crypto directly from gnosis chain and re-editing old tutorials for providing liquidity/honeycomb farms etc…
We all know that 1inch is deployed on gnosis chain and they have also Limit orders product which is very powerful/good tool to use.
Buzz team wants to get some feedback from 1Hive community members - what’s your thoughts about implementing gelato limit orders on Honeyswap ? /or we can just add link on swap page towards 1inch product ?

Gelato team about Limit Orders ‘‘They have been battle tested in production for over a year at SpookySwap, Quickswap, PancakeSwap and others.’’

They also offered us technical assistance if we start with implementation process.

Implement gelato limit orders?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Add link towards 1inch limit orders on swap page

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Some useful link i found about

A live example here

Its about that?

Yeap gelato is well known team of developers previously known as sorbet finance.

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