HONEYSWAP problems

I need help fixing this problem, I couldn’t swap from hny to xdai, but xdai to hny seems fine… When i try to swap on hny to xdai i get this error
“The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.”

There have been issues with the RPC recently. Try changing to any of these:


Try also clearing your browser cache, and if those don’t work try going to Metamask settings > Advanced > Reset Account

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You can also find support 24/7 on the Discord #help channel. :wink:

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The same problem happened to another user. He changed all 4 rpcs, reset metamask, empty cache and a number of other things. I’ll check if he found a solution, maybe it’s only a matter of time and then things work again. Keep us on the loop on this one!

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im already a member of the community… thank you :))

tried these… and everything didn’t work

yes i tried everything and still nothing… @,@ i already got a help from the discord community and still the the problem wasn’t solved…

Try a different wallet, and try transferring your HNY out of this wallet somewhere else. You may have voted in a dandelion vote which locks your tokens.

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@anisoptera do you have the link of the dandelion proposal or something?

There are a few, it says underneath the proposal that it’ll lock your tokens. Did you try sending the tokens somewhere else and get a failure?

haven’t tried it yet