Honeyswap servers vs increased traffic

Are the 1hive / Honeyswap servers ready for the incoming traffic boost from farming launch?

I was there for the launch of NEO’s Flamingo minting and it was bad.

Are we good?

The servers struggled (and still are) when the first wave of users came in after farming launched.

Are we ready for the CoinGecko wave? Or an influx after the Reddit scaling competition results are announced – assuming xDai wins or it ends up in the top 5.

I think things are looking good.

no no no bro bro bro, not transactions. I meant Honeyswap’s web servers

In that case, I guess the only way to know is by load testing the application to simulate heavy traffic. Usually is not just the webservers. The infrastructure probably is much more complex for this type of systems.

Seeing as we’re already struggling with current traffic, the next big wave could really put things to a halt.

It is likely that the top bees are aware of this; if not, this thread should bring some attention to the issue

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I totally agree. :wink:

There shouldn’t be all that much load on our servers, most of the heavy lifting is being done by The Graph’s indexers (which has been struggling a bit, but not necessarily specific due to our traffic). It would be possible for someone to mirror the honeyswap frontend on ipfs without us needing to run servers at all.

That would be dope. In the name of decentralisation and reliability, we should move to other services once we’re ready imo

I did notice the site getting significantly slower just around the time farming launched though; is there maybe something we missed?