HoneySwap X HoneyWasp

Hello HoneySwap🐝 , I’m Mathis, marketing manager at HoneyWasp, a new play to earn project made in France! HoneyWasp is a mini-game in the same style as the Agar. io games, Honey Wasp . It runs on the Polygon network. As you can notice, our names are very similar and we thought that there was something interesting to do between our 2 projects:
-A listing on your platform?
-Offer your community some of our NFTs or our crypto-currency?
-Do you have any other ideas? We are listening to you.

Thanks in advance.

If you want to know more about our project, here is our documentation: https://docs.honeywasp.com/


Is it hard to move it (not fully) into xDAI chain (Gnosis now)? If so, then I think minting your NFTs on an xDAI marketplace would be cool too. Would love to see someday the game on this chain.