How could i get the wxdai token

Can anyone tell me how to get wxdai ,is there any website to follow?
and now i just have some xdai in the wallet,is there brige to change or else?
i want to try farm on the honey swap,and i was puzzled by the wxdai token and the xgt,and i was lost

thx for anybody help me

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Hey mate… I have done this a couple of ways, not sure if one is better over the other.

Option 1: You can go to and directly swap your xDAI for wxDAI or vice versa
Option 2: You can go to and use the wrap/unwrap functions on this portal.

I think they are both the same. Let us know if you have any issues with this.

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thx very much,but i get truble in the swap,when i use site to swap xdai to wxdai,there is no wxdai choose, or should i get the wxdai adress to paste it in ?and what`s the adress?
or i made some mistake at the begginning?

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Ok thats interesting as I get the wxDAI option when i just type it in on honeyswap. Have you chosen a list? See how at the bottom of your screenshot it says ‘Select a list’ - Choose ‘Honeyswap Default’ and then you should see the wxDAI option. Try it and let me know.

still got nothing here
i want cry


thx a lot

mate … not sure what you did, but you should be able to add the default list. Why dont you use Option 2 I suggested in the initial reply. Its fairly easy. Just approve the spend on xDAI and then wrap using wrapeth. May be it will be the easier option for you.

oh, it`s due to the browser,i get it,thx

ok great… glad you got it sorted out!

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question for a noob, but what is the point of wrapping xDai?

Not sure if you came to a solution, but there is a very simple way of wrapping and unwrapping xdai by using by raidguild