How to Support 1Hive Gardens in Gitcoin Grant Round 11

Gitcoin Grants Round 11 is Live! And 1Hive Gardens is participating.

Even though Gardens is sustainably funded through 1Hive, contributing to Gardens through a Gitcoin Grant helps us by giving extra visibility and additional funding through the Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool (learn more about Quadratic Funding).


Step 1 - Vote on Commons Stack (this costs you no money)

If you’re a Commons Stack member, i.e. you took part in the Token Engineering Commons Hatch, signal your support for 1Hive Gardens here: Conviction Voting | Commons Stack

  • This is a signaling vote that works just like supporting a proposal in our Honey Pot
  • This will allocate funding from the Panvala Treasury to our Gitcoin Grant

Step 2 - Contribute to Gitcoin Grant

  1. Visit our Gitcoin Grant page: 💰 1Hive Gardens | Grants | Gitcoin
  2. Click “Add to Cart” - feel free to add other projects to your cart as well :slightly_smiling_face: - I made a Collection called “1Hive n Friends” of all projects I could find related to us. If you know of others let me know and I’ll add them too.
  3. Go to your Cart ( and edit contribution amounts as you’d like
  4. You can do a Standard Checkout and get slammed with ETH gas fees, OR (recommended) click “Checkout with zkSync” where you’ll get slammed with ETH gas fees once, but after you’ve deposited to zkSync you’ll be able to make Gitcoin contributions much more cheaply in the future - similar to when you bridge to xDai.
  5. Connect your wallet through Mainnet and follow prompts to make a deposit to zkSync (your Gitcoin payment will come out of this deposit amount)
  6. Once your deposit is confirmed, click “Complete Payment”

That’s it! Now you can sleep well knowing you’re a good person.

If being a good person isn’t very compelling for you, also know that Gitcoin Grant funders often get airdrops when projects eventually launch tokens. Not saying this for Gardens, but it’s a bonus reason you might want to contribute to any Gitcoin Grant.


Thank you for explaining this, it will be my honor to support Gardens on Gitcoin and i know it will make me a better person :slight_smile:


I’m broke, but I’m a better person now.



Paul thanks so much for the detailed step by step explainer. I was wondering is there a way to bypass the one off ETH fee that is slammed as it will be around $70 or more from what i gather based on some estimating sites?

It would be really great where I could donate $50 and not have to pay $70 or more to actually donate!! Not sure why Gitcoin will not accept from other chains like xDAI or Polygon and then bridge the pooled funds in one tx when the round is complete.

Or may be we at “1Hive” could have something like this set up so that we can donate as a pool in xDAI and then transfer it to “1Hive & Friends” together. I assume it will not appeal to anyone that may be looking for the airdrops, but if some users want to just donate any small amounts … this could really be a great improvement.

Yesterday few of us had conversation with top management of xdai where I just throw some like questions like is possible xdai <-> gitcoin have some kind partnership where for example users from xdai can donate to project. If something like that can happen we probably would see increase of volume/tx’s/ deposit on xdai because no one want to throw in trash like between 50-100$ in fees just to donate like 5/10$ to some project.Probably best location for this is maybe xdai forum where someone can open thread and see reactions of xdai commuity which I think is not the problem.
Gitcoin is already using xDai but for different purpose to mint what I heard correct NFTs for their community I think.


lets go gardens :clap:

Hey dogeking… was there any update on this? Or do you want someone from the community to raise this in the xDAI forum?