I am so proud of my commitment to claim HNY, here's why

I am proud because it makes me commit to doing one thing at least once every 24-36 hours to stay involved in this DAO and for an amount of HNY people wouldn’t normally care if they missed a period because of its $ per HNY and the distributed amount per faucet claim.

I’m in my third month and I have rarely missed a claim. I have just amassed over 0.0004 HNY total from this process.

And because it means a lot to me to perform actions regularly in this community that amount means a lot to me in commitment to a great and evolving concept, and the DAO revolution that will occur in the near future.

So thank you all for the opportunity to claim HNY with my xDai. I never regret it and I love making regular visits to the faucet as another way to interact with this DAO. :slight_smile:

Keep on revolutionizing the web and the distribution processes to get people into projects that truly care about the ethical distribution process of money worldwide. We can be the solution if we keep at it together. We are a unit of good hearts. I appreciate you all.



Soar on bruh… Our contributions to the community should be priority… together we thrive :honeybee:

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We keep revolutionizing brother

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I certainly think so. Feel lucky to be here

you should read about the pollen on the 1hive wiki, it could surprise you


I’ve been pollenating :slight_smile: but I agree! if everyone organically speaks out in the community on discord, discourse, or github they will be rewarded! :slight_smile:

So it will be the damage will be the future and hny will be in the main …

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Something about this HNY Faucet is that; it feels little now. But would actually be God’s given blessing in a few years (according to someone here on Discourse). 0.0004 HNY would be frickin massive. Faucet is a great idea from the 1Hive community. I LOVE ITTTT!


I’m also proud to be a part of this community and the faucet idea is also brilliant


the pollen is really surprising, but the most surprising is the diverse space to get involved as members of this great community 1hive, demonstrate our abilities, skills and knowledge and little by little grow and get more involved in the cryptographic world!

The key is simple, contribute things of value and that in a certain way they do something positive for 1hive for their present community and the one that arrives daily!

Regarding the faucet :slight_smile: It’s nice to receive 1 gift, whether it’s a little or a lot, it’s great!


I am already going to be one year claiming the faucet, I remember that when I started they gave around $ 12 it was an excellent opportunity. I think that in all this time I have only stopped passing it about 3 times I am very pending for the claim, it has already become a habit. good night

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