I can't fit in here-----about new user

I am a new user, I have no technical background, I feel that I cannot participate in the discussion, maybe I can only be a reader

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Hello my friend. Welcome to 1Hive. We are glad you are here among us.
Please don’t be worry. 1Hive has a community for everyone. And also i’m here to help you. Just Let me know what you want my friend. :hearts: :blush:

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hey mate… dont fret… i was exactly in your mind frame about a year ago… now i just find my own thing to do and contribute where i can… i would suggest reading up … there is so much for non-technical users to actually learn about the Hive … I would start with the basics on the forum, and the wiki 1Hive. Persistence is the key… you will eventually find something that is interesting!! Welcome though … its always great to have someone stumble into the Hive and find their own journey!


totally agree with you!

@rgszhou 1hive has an immense space to explore. I invite you to read the wiki, let that be your first contact, ! Remember, perseverance, dedication and contribution of utility is the key! Greetings!

Thank you for your suggestion.I will try to learn.

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A lot of what is discussed can be intimidating a lay user. I would go to the xDAI gitbook and start reading to get up to speed on things. Most developer discussions are more for adding features to the platform. If you’re looking to join and contribute and don’t have that technical bent to your interests then that’s fine too! Lots of opportunities to contribute with trumpeting 1Hive’s core messages or evangelize DAOs on social media, design, and discussion on the Discord, here, and on Twitter.


1Hive is about community, about being fair, open, and kind. Many of us fall short, (raises hand), but in the end we’re all pulling for the same success, that we help create a friendlier world for everyone.

You can see that here, where so many people are encouraging you, you’ll see it in the Discord, and pretty soon you’re doing it too. Then you’ll see it in your wallet when your friendly support results in your first pollen drop.

Stick around.
You’re important.

Come for the Honey🍯.
Stay for the Bees :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:.


No worries friend. There are always things to do at 1Hive and DAOs in general. Business development, marketing and just bringing good ideas are all welcome. Trust me :slight_smile:


hi there,
you are probably wrong! :slight_smile: there is always space fro new members, you may bring on an idea, a suggestion, a feedback that was never shared before.

of course, things take time. Roughly 1year ago I would login on Discord just to ask for help, lost in the growing 1hive sea. That sea is now an ocean and I can feel you may be a bit lost, but the reality is that if you keep committed on joining calls and participating in the life of the community you’ll find fulfilling to give your opinions and perhaps get at work in a swarm.

Good luck, and welcome!

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love this post, whoever you are, awesome title!